3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging and Videos

We require a diagnostic ultrasound report from this pregnancy and also require that you are under the care of a license OB/GYN physician
 3-D/4D is for entertainment purposes only. If baby is in a breech position or facing down or if the amniotic fluid is low there is no guarantee that the image will be of maximum quality, therefore we advise you to drink plenty of fluids 2/3 days prior to your appointment so that the fluid is sufficient enough for a great session

3-D/4D packages are not covered by your insurance carrier

 Due to the time it will take to capture a beautiful image and also the time it will take to print and put together a CD/DVD plan to be at our office give or take about an hour or so.

Our ultrasound technician is board-certified by the ARDMS

The best time to have a 3-D/4D ultrasound is between the weeks of 28 to 36 anytime after your 32nd week the appearance of your baby is more likely to present suitable due to the increased amount of fat and tissue that your baby has stored within these months.

We offer a wide variety of services, which include:

  • Pregnancy complications prevention programs

  • Comprehensive screening for Prenatal Diagnosis

  • Genetic Counseling

  • Specialized and personalized care for Low– and High-risk pregnancies: Gestational Diabetes, Hypertensive disease, Asthma, Collagen disease & any other maternal disease

  • Pregnancy complicated with Down Syndrome, Birth Defects and other genetic abnormalities 

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging and Videos


  • Paternity Testing

  • Preterm Labor Prevention and Management

  • Fetal Monitoring

  • Fetal Diagnostic Tests—including First Trimester Screen, Amniocentesis, and Chorionic Villi Sampling



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